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Standing Seam and Metal Roof Panels

  • Ultra-Lok: By far the most popular residential panel profile on today’s market, and suitable for any roof with a pitch of 2/12 or greater. This panel is manufactured right in our facility and is available in both 29 and 26 gauge.
  • 5V-Lok: The 5V-Lok panel has the classic look many of our customers are looking for to give your property the right feel. It is available in 26 gauge exclusively.
  • PBR-Lok: This panel profile has proven the most popular for commercial use on the market. Suitable for any roof with a pitch greater than .5/12, and available in 26 gauge and 24 gauge.
  • TCM-Lok 1”: Among standing seam metal roofing panels, TCM-Lok is a popular residential selection and is suitable for any roof with a pitch greater than 3/12. These are available in Flat, Striated, or Ribbed, and 24 gauge only.
  • CM-Lok 1 ½”: This variant size of the TCM-Lok panel profile is also available in Flat, Striated, or Ribbed. In TCM-Lok profiles, the panel screws are aesthetically concealed beneath the panel and not visible.
  • 1 ½” SL-Lok: The 1 ½” SL-Lok has the same available varieties and 24 gauge as both of our TCM-Lok profiles. These standing seam roof panels are popular in do-it-yourself projects because they securely onto the roof deck.
  • 2” MS-Lok: This panel profile is typically employed on commercial structures because of its inherent strength and weather tight seams. Also available in Flat, Striated, or Ribbed varieties and 24 gauge.

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

  • Valuable Investment - While the initial cost for a premium metal roof is higher than most other roofing materials, you'll save money in the long run. A metal roof can last a lifetime, whereas materials like asphalt typically require re-roofing every 15 to 20 years. A metal roof can also increase the resale value of your home. A metal roof can even lower your homeowner's insurance by 25%. And a metal roofing system offers unmatched durability, lasting 3 times longer. Chances are good that a metal roof will be the last roof you ever install on your home.
  • Energy Efficient - Metal roofing in both light and dark colors reflects heat effectively to reduce cooling loads in the summer and insulate homes during the winter. This can help to lower energy bills.
  • Long Warranties - Most metal roofing comes with a true 40-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Reduce Energy Costs - More and more, homeowners are seeking out energy-saving building materials for their renovations and new homes. Products that not only secure and improve structures but also provide long term cost-cutting on energy bills while promoting environmental and economic sustainability in the greater community.
  • Cool Pigment Technology - On a building or on a home, the roof has a major impact with the absorption of heat from sunlight (Solar Radiation). The heat is either reflected into the atmosphere or absorbed through conduction into the building. Any solar radiation that is absorbed will heat the roofs surface. The more the solar radiation is absorbed, the greater the need to find alternative means to dissipate the heat. That's where emittance comes into play. Emissivity measures the roofs ability to shed absorbed heat.
  • Recycling - Metal roofs typically have a minimum of 25% recycled content. This level of recycled content allows metal roofing to be routinely included on listings for "green" and recycled content products. It is also 100% recyclable when ultimately removed as part of building renovation or demolition. Other roofing materials are routinely removed and disposed of by the ton in a landfill, but metal roofing can be recycled by its entirety. Metals are exceptional building materials that can credibly claim both recycled content and recyclability by recognized definitions.

Metal RoofSpecialists

Not every roofing contractor is able to provide the necessary expertise required for installing a metal roofing system. To ensure the safety and integrity of your metal rooftop project, contact certified Lewis Roofing professionals for skilled expertise in metal roof construction and maintenance.

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